How to Brightly Color Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes


Here is a simple, safer and possibly cheaper way to dye your Easter eggs this Easter. Try using natural dyes. Naturally dyed Easter Eggs can be a range of beautiful and brilliant colors. Just look at these examples of eggs dyed with other foods and spices. You can get the ingredients used to create the natural dye as well as the instructions on how to do it at the Dirty Gourmet.

I’m amazed at the colors, not only how vivid they are, but I would not think that beets + cabbage would give you a blue egg, or that just using red cabbage would provide a bright blue egg. These egg colors are quite earth colors, they are a bit brighter than than, but they look great hiding out in the grass. What child wouldn’t love to find these eggs at Easter?


You can see the coloring process below. Who would have thought the egg would be that green color sitting in a red liquid mixture?


Color Your Easter Eggs with Natural Dyes

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