Beautiful DIY Rope Ottoman with a Used Tire


You know that bald tire that would certainly go to waste? You can upcycle it, creating a cool seat for your home. And it will be a cheaper option to anything you can buy in the store that will look this nice. 

The author gives a valuable tip: keep an eye on the rope during placement to prevent the part that has not yet been rolled to stay straight. That’s because if you have to cut it and fix it, the finish may not be uniform. Finally, be generous in applying the sealer, which will provide the comfort of those who sit on the ottoman. Two coats of the product are a must. It dries in a day, but let it cure for two weeks.


You will need: tire, 6mm MDF cut into two discs with 55 cm diameter, six screws, drill with drill bit the size of the bolt body, or Phillips screwdriver, hot glue gun and two packages with six tubes of glue, 5 kg of natural sisal rope wick 10 mm, cloth, brush scissors and concentrated sealer from Sayerlack (900 mL).

Find the full story of the tire to ottoman (green bean bag) at

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