Natural Ways to Keep Spiders Away From Your Home


Okay, very few people actually want spiders in their home. I mean, wandering around freely to crawl wherever they please. I know spiders are good for the world, eating pesky, harmful insects, but that doesn’t mean I want them in my house. But I also don’t want to have poisons laying around either for children or pets to accidentally digest. So looking at some more natural repellents for spiders seems like a good idea.

Of course, if you have pets of small children who may eat any of the natural ingredients, please check to see if they are harmful. You can read more about it at Natural Living Ideas. But the short version of the list of natural ways to keep out spiders is this:

Keep Spiders Away from Your House:

  1. Fill a spray bottle with peppermint oil and water. Spray around your home.
  2. Keep your house clean and tidy especially dusting and vacuuming
  3. Use white vinegar and water in a spray bottle (also great for many other uses)
  4. Get a cat
  5. Keep your home exterior free of debris and caulk openings to your home
  6. Spiders do not like citrus. Use citrus peels in places you find spiders
  7. Use cedar chips outside your home and cedar blocks inside your house
  8. Place chestnuts on window sills to keep spiders away
  9. And finally, tobacco can be sprinkled in spider accessible places or also used in a spray.

Plus one more I found later: Baking soda can be a deterrent for spiders. They don’t like it and it will deodorize too.

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your Home

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