88 of the Best DIY No-Sew Tutu Costumes

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Updated January 17, 2017 We added a few new Tutus for more creative ideas that don’t require sewing. No-sew tutus are no longer a novelty on their own.  Now, they can be the base for most any character costume that you can think of.  Check out these amazing creations that started with a no-sew tutu! If you are interested in learning how to make a tutu dress, and you don’t know how to sew, then we have 88 different tutu costume ideas for you to choose from.

Baby in a Tutu

How to make a no sew tutu for your baby.

Baby in a TUTU


The Clown TuTu Dress
Fun, fresh and colorful. Who says clowns are scary?
tutu clownFound on etsy.com

Superman Tutu
Who says superheroes can’t where tutus? Superman (or woman) never looked so classy.

tutu supermanFound on etsy.com

Mario and Luigitutu mariomario luigiFound on etsy.com

Peacock Tutu
This tutu is every bit as pretty as the peacock itself.

tutu peacockFound on etsy.com

Sophia the Firsttutu sophia the firstBeautiful lavender tutu dress Found on etsy.com

Strawberrytutu strawberry

Found on etsy.com – This child’s tutu is adorable and the fact it looks like a strawberry is really sweet.

Snow Whitetutu snow whiteFound on etsy.com – Snowhite tutu costume is definitely a happily every after.

Colorful Witchtutu witchFound on etsy.com – Not all witches are bad, especially if your witch wears a tutu.

Monsters Inc.tutu monsters incFound on etsy.com – Monsters, Inc. Tutus? Sure, why not.

Penguin Tutu is like a tuxedo tutu, just 1000x cuter!

tutu penguinFound on etsy.com

Alice in Wonderland in a no-sew tutu is a fantasy made real.

tutu alice in wonderlandFound on etsy.com

Sock Hop/ 50’s Poodle Skirt (Poodle Tutu)

tutu sock hopFound on etsy.com

Awesome Tutu Tutorial

Another cute baby in a cute tutu that doesn’t require any sewing.

Disney Princesses look great in adult size tutu skirts.
tutu princessesFound on wikihow.com

Batman Tutu? Don’t let the Dark Knight see this.

tutu batmanFound on etsy.com

Ghost Tutu skirt
tutu ghostFound on etsy.com

Spiderman Tutu seems like a natural costume for crawling up walls.

tutu spider girlFound on etsy.com

The Little Mermaid costume using a no-sew tutu is genius. tutu mermaidFound on etsy.com

Captain America gets a cute makeover with a blue tutu made at home.tutu captain americaFound on etsy.com

Minion tutu is fun. Be careful where you put the eyes on the tutu though.

tutu minionFound on etsy.com

tutu leopardFound on etsy.com

Cowgirl Tutututu cowgirlFound on etsy.com

Pink Bat Girl Tutu is fabulous in pink

tutu batgirlFound on etsy.com

Robin Tutu needs to go with the Batman tutu.

tutu robinFound on etsy.com

Indian Princess DIY tutututu indianVia Stephanie Walley

Alice in Wonderlandtutu queen of heartsFound on etsy.com

Sassy Witchtutu witch2Found on etsy.com

Wonder Woman Adult DIY Tutututu wonderwomanFound on lifesawheeze.com

Candy Princesstutu candylandFound on etsy.com – So many wonderful colors in the tutu.

Red Riding Hoodtutu red ridinghoodFound on indulgy.com – A fairytale tutu for Red Riding Hood.

tutu scarecrowFound on addapinch.com

Dr. Who Tardis tutu for all fans of this classic show.tutu dr. whoFound on etsy.com

Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz is not in Kansas with her powder blue tutututu dorothyFound on honeybearlane.com

Pirate Costume with a no-sew tutu.tutu pirateFound on lauriestutuboutique.com

Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume tutututu buzz lightyearFound on etsy.com

Elsa from Frozen Tutu is cool.

tutu elsaFound on etsy.com

DIY Flower tutu is really growing on me. tutu flowerFound on etsy.com

Cruella DeVille Tutu tutu 101 dalmationsFound on etsy.com

Audrey Hepburn always looks posh, even more so in a black tutu.

tutu audrey hepburnFound on babble.com

Princess Auroratutu auroraFound on etsy.com

Rapunzel let your hair down and celebrate that tutu

tutu rapunzelFound on etsy.com

Cinderellatutu cinderellaFound on etsy.com

My Little Pony Tutus are colorful and fun.tutu my little ponyFound on etsy.com

Green Lantern tutu shows all superheroes need a tutu costume

tutu green lanternFound on etsy.com

Olaf from Frozen – Even the snowman gets a tutu costume

tutu olafFound on etsy.com

Wonder Woman tutu makes sense. Let’s make sure the tiara is part of this costume.tutu wonderwoman2Found on etsy.com

Feathery Witch
tutu witch 3Found on etsy.com

Skunktutu skunkFound on blissycouture.com

Monster Hightutu monster highFound on etsy.com

Pirate Fairy Tutu? Sure, this works.tutu pirate fairyFound on etsy.com

Footballtutu footballFound on etsy.com

Parrottutu parrotFound on etsy.com

Michael Jacksontutu michael jacksonFound on my-creativeway.com

Clowntutu clown2Found on etsy.com

Black Widow Spider Tutu for a scary costume.tutu spiderFound on buzzfeed.com

Olivia the Pig tutututu olivia pigFound on etsy.com

Audrey Hepburn? Witch? Most anything really.
tutu adultFound on etsy.com

Darth Vader DIY tutu costume shows the Force can be used to create fun costumes for Halloween.tutu darth vaderFound on etsy.com

Coronation Dress from Frozentutu frozenFound on etsy.com

Giraffetutu giraffeFound on artfire.com

Malificent tutu works, but the horns make it.

tutu malificentFound on etsy.com

Katy Perry  “ROAR”tutu katy perry roarFound on my-creativeway.com

Abby Cadabbytutu abby cadabbyFound on thatssocuteboutique.com

Belletutu belleFound on etsy.com

Thor gets a tutu. Seems all the avengers should have a tutu costume.tutu ThorFound on etsy.com

Tinker Belltutu tinkerbellFound on etsy.com

Smurfettetutu smurfFound on etsy.com

LaLa Loopsytutu lala loopsyFound on etsy.com

Ninja Turtle Tutu is fun with the mask and turtle abs. tutu TMNTFound on etsy.com

R2D2 tutu for Star Wars fanstutu r2d2Found on babble.com

Barbietutu barbieFound on etsy.com

Cat in the Hattutu cat in the hatFound on etsy.com

Iron Man Tutu is a great for looking pretty, but now for fighting the Hulk.tutu iron manFound on etsy.com

I Love Lucytutu i love lucyFound on thatssocuteboutique.com

Bravetutu meridaFound on yoursparklebox.com

Elmo and Cookie Monstertutu elmo cookie monsterFound on etsy.com

Daisy Ducktutu daisy duckFound on etsy.com

Gnome tutu gnmomeFound on etsy.com

Zombie Glamtutu zombieFound on etsy.com

Candy Corn Tutu is delicious.tutu candy cornFound on blogs.babycenter.com

Mary Poppinstutu mary poppinsFound on etsy.com

The Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz

tutu tin manFound on etsy.com

Purple Minion tutu purple minionFound on etsy.com

Owl – Animal tutus are fun.tutu owlFound on etsy.com

Vampire Tutu is something that really makes me feel my blood pressure rise.

tutu vampireFound on etsy.com

Creepy Puppettutu puppetFound on abbystutufactory.blogspot.com

Bride of Frankenstein 

tutu bride of frankensteinFound on etsy.com

Poison Ivy DIY tutututu poison ivyFound on etsy.com

Wow, 88 DIY tutus and we are just at the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of creative Moms out there, making tutus for all costumes and many of them are doing it without sewing. Let us know what you come up with for your DIY tutu idea.

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