75 Fun DIY Paper Flowers Tutorials

75 Fun DIY Paper Flower Tutorials

Flowers are very useful for party and home decors. But seems like they get to be very expensive sometimes. Especially when it is on its peak season. So, rather than using the real one, why not try making your own paper flowers. Therefore, you can explore your creativity and make whatever kind of flowers you like.

Here’s a round trip article featuring 75 amazing and unique tutorial on how to make paper flowers.

1. DIY Rustic Paper Bridal Bouquet for your Rustic-themed wedding.

Found on liagriffith.com

2. You can also use paper wisteria to hang from a beautiful arch.

Found on catchingcolorflies.com

3. How about some Crepe Paper Carnation as your wedding centerpiece?

Found on craftedsophistication.com

4. If you’re planning to attend a Luau party, you may try this handmade paper lei.

Found on liagriffith.com

5. Paper Flower backdrop is also great for nursery room decors. And, for  Party and Christening backdrop, too!

Found on ashandcrafts.com

6. These paper hyacinths are cuties and so easy to make.

Found on onelittleproject.com

7. Cheap paper plates can also be transformed into a gorgeous flower.  These are great decors for wedding showers or other events!

Found on muslinandmerlot.blogspot.com

8. Make your Mom feel extra special by giving her handcrafted paper juliet roses.

Found liagriffith.com

9. Paper succulents are the cutest! You can have it displayed in the corner of your bedside table.

Found on liagriffith.com

10. Paper floral crown for your next bohemian-themed party.

Found on liagriffith.com

11. What about some bunch of original flowers made from sweets, neatly packaged in a delicate paper to your parents or friends? These Chocolate Flower Bouquet will surely make your Mom’s heart melt. That’s so cute and sweet!

Found on alldaychic.com

12. This Paper Dogwood Branch is as pretty as the real deal!

Found on liagriffith.com

13. Try this paper sarah peony that is bursting with gorgeous petals. These paper peonies also make perfect wedding flowers!

Found on liagriffith.com

14. It’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with these flowers. That’s why they’re called (Paper) sweet pea! They also add a lot of character to any flower arrangement.

Found on craftedsophistication.com

15. This one makes a perfect gift for your mother, friend or neighbors. You can also display this paper Amaryllis in the prettiest corner of your home.

Found on liagriffith.com

16. Something you could use as a decor in your living room? This Paper Flower Garland is the answer!

Found on liagriffith.com

17. These Paper Garden Roses is also perfect for wedding decorations.

found on craftedsophistication.com

18. These Paper  Lush Hibiscus Flowers are just the answer to add a splash of color to your beach outfit or to decorate your next tropical themed party.

Found on liagriffith.com

19. Paper Apple Blossom Branches to Celebrate Spring.

Found on liagriffith.com

20. Try this very easy-to-make Crepe Paper Anemone Flower! You’ll surely enjoy it!

Found on liagriffith.com

21. Crepe Paper Wildflower can be used as a display or centerpiece at home.

Found on oheverythinghandmade.com

22. Sweet little Paper Flower Brooch that you can give to your mom during Mother’s day.

Found on liagriffith.com

23. Enjoy these beautiful Sunflowers all year-round by making your own with paper?

Found on ehow.com

24. On a budget? This Crepe Paper Wedding Bouquet can easily be made at home. With a little patience and a touch of creativity, you may now save your pocket.

Found on craftedsophistication.com

25.  And, another wedding bouquet you can try for your wedding. This Paper Rose Bouquet will make your wedding as unique and memorable as you want it to be.

Found on liagriffith.com

26. This Watercolor Paper Rose makes the paper flowers a bit more modern and gives a fresh look at an old favorite.

found on capitolromance.com

27. While you can purchase fresh flowers year round, doing so on a regular basis can be pricey.  So why not try making this Crepe and Watercolor Flower that will last a lot longer.

Found on craftberrybush.com

28. Paper Spider Mums, for those of us that want something a little more casual…Found on livelaughrowe.com

29. Book Page Paper Flowers. Ready for recycling, ok?

Found on tinypainterblog.com

30.  Paper Flower Naricissus. Wouldn’t this look cute in a single bud vase?

Found on thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

31. Paper Gerbera Daisies are such a happy flower!

Found on liagriffith.com

32. (Crepe Paper) Magnolias are traditionally a very “American” flower and you can use this as a centerpiece every “Fouth of July” celebration.

Found on liagriffith.com

33. (Crepe Paper) Crocus are hardy flowers and are usually the first to pop up, sometimes coming up through leftover snow. But they unfortunately don’t last very long. That is, unless you make your own.

Found on ehow.com

34. (Crepe Paper) Orchids are very popular for home decoration. They are nice indoor plant. What more if they’ll last for a long time. Right?

Found on icreativeideas.com

35. These Crepe Paper Icelandic Poppies are also a great project for anyone who is just getting into paper flower making!

Found on liagriffith.com

36. Add some blooms into your home decor by making these Paper Cherry Blossoms.

Found on liagriffith.com

37. Simple, elegant and perfect for any occasion, this Paper Calla Lily might be your next favorite!

Found on liagriffith.com

38. Crepe Paper Artichokes.  Don’t they look like they came straight from your garden?

Found on liagriffith.com

39.Paper Ranunculus Flowers. These Flowers are also very popular for bridal bouquet arrangements.

Found on liagriffith.com

40. Paper Hydrangeas. And another wedding flower favorite.

Found on liagriffith.com

41. Oh, Gorgeous Paper Peonies!

Found on liagriffith.com

42. Paper Hydrangea Wreath.  You may choose whatever color you like as long as it will coordinate with your front door.

Found on liagriffith.com

43. Felt Rose Bud. A simple craft that can be achieved even by the newest of newbies to the crafting scene…

Found on bloglovin.com

44. These Paper Metallic Camellias make a pretty accent on your present and a pretty garland on your front door.

Found on liagriffith.com

45. Egg Carton Roses. Who would have thought that you can turn an egg carton into a very beautiful paper roses? Just your imagination and be creative.

Found on gradinacufluturi.ro

46. Happy and bright Paper Paperwhites.

Found on liagriffith.com

47. 16-easy steps to make your own pretty Crepe Paper Tulips. 

Found on liagriffith.com

48. Pink Paper Flower ball diy wedding centerpiece ideas for pink weddings

Found on elegantweddinginvites.com

49.You May also want to try this Paper Flower Chandelier using Origami Techniques.

Found on stjudescreations.blogspot.com

50. Giant Paper Rose Flower. Not your usual wedding bouquet. But, can be a better and a unique one.

Found on greenweddingshoes.com

51. These Corsage Paper Flowers are wearable and are great for crafty weddings.

Found on liagriffith.com

52. Paper Flower Fairy Lights. Absolutely perfect for your outdoor wedding. “And let there be light”!

Found on wantthatwedding.co.uk

53. LED Paper Flower. Just WOW!

Found on www.instructables.com

54. Hanging Tissue Paper Flowers. An additional budget-wise decor to your next event.

Found on midsouthbride.com

55. Planning for a festive or Mexican-themed party? These incredibly gorgeous Giant Paper Backdrop Flowers are what you’re looking for.

Found on blog.hwtm.com

56. Peony Coffee Filter Flowers. Easy as 1,2,3

Found on prettypetals.typepad.com

57. These Exotic Quilled Fringed Flowers can be used as an accent for card making and gift wrapping.

Found on allthingspaper.net

58. Tissue Cupcake Picks. So pretty and dainty!

Found on icingdesignsonline.blogspot.com

59. Paper Flower Headband.  For your princess’ kiddie party.  These headbands are the cutest! Awwee.

Found on bloglovin.com

60. Paper Blooms. Something you can give as an appreciation gift to your teacher.

Found on skiptomylou.org

61. You can try making this Paper Daffodil Wreath with your kids.

Found on classic-play.com

62. Giant Closed Crepe Paper Peony. Truly a work of Art!

Found on cartefini.com

63. How about some SUPER realistic Paper Roses?

Found on welivedhappilyeverafter.com

64. Coffee Filter Flower. A must try. And you might probably be doing this again.

Found on doodlecraftblog.com

65. Crepe Paper for Mother’s day. Try to give your mom handmade gifts with love. They will treasure it forever.

Found on theartofsimple.net

66. You can cheer someone up by giving him the Paper Roses.

Found on simplykellydesigns.com

67. Giant Paper Roses. You’ll need this on your next photoshoot!


68. Cheaper and easier to find. Tissue Paper Flowers.

Found on wecanmakeanything.net

69. This paper flowers make a budgeted yet unique and cute wedding centerpiece.


70. These Paper Coral Charm Peony is to die for!

Found on designsponge.com

71. Can you believe that these flowers are made of coffee filter? Yup and they look so real!

Found on justbellablog.com

72. Paper flowers made of magazine pages? Wow, what a brilliant idea!

Found on rocknrollbride.com

73.Super quick and easy!

Found on lisastorms.typepad.com

74. These pastel-color flowers are so pretty and soothing to the eyes.

Found on designeverydayblog.com

75. Stunners!

Found on decor8blog.com

If you are inspired to make paper flowers, do share a picture of it with us or you can post it in the comments below. Enjoy!

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