70 Ideas for Unique HANDMADE CARDS

There is nothing better than giving a handmade gift to your friends, family and special someone. Especially when it is something cute, creative and from the heart. They will appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.

See these beautiful examples and inspirations of handmade cards for your next DIY projects.

1. Sending Hug Card

Sending some hugs to your special someone when you’re miles away from her can make her feel more better.

Found on lawnscaping

2. Cupcake Birthday Card

Draw a cupcake and some candles on your craft paper, fold it into half. And there you go, a happy birthday card for your lil’ sissy.

Found on etsy

3. Feel Better Card

“I hope she’ll feel good with this feel better card.”

Found on lucyscraftycards

4. Make My Heart Beat Faster Card

Awwee, who wouldn’t want to receive a card as cute and sweet as this??

Found on etsy

5. Emoji Get Well Soon Card

Pop-up emojis! So cute.

Found on redtedart

6. Thank You Card

A watercolor “Thank you” card for someone who made an extra effort to help you with something.

Found on kwernerdesign

7. Valentine’s Day Card

Valentine’s day card. This one’s so intricate and pretty.

Found on nobiggie

8. Hello Card

“Hello there my sweet friend! It’s been a while..”

Found on mixedmethod

9. Hearts Watercolor Card

A handmade valentine’s day card full of watercolored hearts. And yes, she loves you too.

Found on kwernerdesign

10. Sailboat Card

Wishing someone for a safe trip.

Found on neatandtangled

11. Father’s Day Card

It’s a suspender and bow tie kind of day. Happy Father’s day card for your Pop!

Found on bitsandpiecespaperlab

12. You Color My World Card

And you brighten up my world, too…

Found on jjbolton

13. I Love You This Much Card

I love you more this muuuuucccchhh.

Found on buzzfeed

14. Dog-lover Card

To all dog lovers, this one’s super duper cute!

Found on suestampfield

15. Let’s Celebrate Card

Colorful scrapbooking paper to finish the card.

Found on bloglovin

16. Father’s Day Card

You can make this card for only 15 minutes

Found on washitapecrafts

17. Love Is All You Need Card

Yes, indeed.

Found on ilovetocreateblog

18. Seasons Greetings Card

Another variation on the Instagram card.

Found on content.photojojo

19. Craft Paper Cards and Envelopes

Give some love on Valentine’s day.

Found on sweettidings

20. Mother’s Day Card

Let’s make our mother feel special by giving her letting her know that she’s the greaterst.

Found on craftynitti

21. Thank You Card

Send thank you cards to relatives who’ve given you presents..

Found on decoratorsnotebook

22. Band-aid Get Well Soon Card

“Get Well Soon” doesn’t get any cuter than this!

Found on kidskubby

23. Heart-shaped Galaxy Card

Something unique you can give on a Father’s day. Or, even on a normal day.

Found on kwernerdesign

24.Pineapple Card

A vibrant welcome card that greets you with so much positivity.

Found on dearpaperlicious

25. Peek A Boo Card

Because my eyes are only set for you.

Found on etsy

26.  Mother’s Day Card

The message behind it would make your mom feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Found on craftymorning

27. Money Holder Birthday Card

A two in one card. A birthday greeting and a birthday present.

Found on etsy

28. Pizza Valentine’s Day Card

Telling someone how much you love them can be sometimes daunting. This Valentine’s Day, say it with…

A piece of a pizza pie.

Found on buzzfeed

29. Happy Birthday Card

Surprise someone by giving this cutesy card.

Found on colourgiggles

30. Puns Valentine’s Card

You’re the pun for me!

Found on kittenhood.ro

31. Pop-up Valentine Card

My hug is just only for you.

Found on liagriffith

32. You Are My Sunshine Card

Kids can make them all by themselves using noodles and paint!

Found on craftymorning

33. Butterfly-Lollipop Valentine Card

For your little girls.

Found on abrittwithoutboys

34. Good Luck Card

This is so very thoughtful!

Found on diytotry

35. Puppy Card

Another card design for dog lovers.

Found on usefuldiy

36. Social Media Card

Greeting someone a happy birthday by giving them with an unusual yet quirky birthday card.

Found on etsy

37. Matchbox Card

So cute and quirky. And yes, it’s a match box!

Found on 9gag

38. Pop-up Birthday Card

This card is so awesome.

Found on lovethispic

39. Harry Potter Card

Brace yoursleves, Harry Potter fans. This one’s for all of you.

Found on countryscrapfarmgirl

40. Donut Card

So much puns for this card. I love it!

Found on etsy

41. Happy Birthday Card

So simple and girly.

Found on simplymadebywendy

42. Eyes For You Card

The message of the card says it all. Right?

Found on kj

43. Felt Paper Card

Something unique and personalized.

Found on clevercharlotte

44. Origami Card

Your love for music and arts in one card.

Found on sas-does

45. Flowers Card

A happy mother’s day card for your mom.

Found on paperdaisycarddesign

46. Butterfly Happy Birthday Card

A DIY card you and your kid can make.

Found on bloglovin

47. Happy Birthday Card

Happy Colorful Birthday to your Grandma.

Found on etsy

48. You Mean The World To Me Card

This is so sweet!

Found on swoonstudio

49. Paperplane Card

Oh, another Valentine card that will make you heart skip.

Found on nobiggie

50. The Kissing Hand Pop-up Card

I love you, Mommy.

Found on buggyandbuddy

51. Pixel Heart Card

A five-minute craft.

Found on minieco

52. Congratulations Card

A congratulations card for making a tiny little human (baby boy).

Found on etsy

53. Congratulations Card

Tying the knot! Finally!

Found on jjbolton

54. Happy Birthday Card

Make use of your scrapbooking paper to make this colorful card.

Found on writeyourmom

55. Yin Yang Card

Red and White hearts.

Found on ideasforcards

56. Oh How Fun Card

Here’s an easy-peasy card idea

Found on papercraftermagazine

57. I Miss You Card

Missing someone? Not a problem. Give your baby this missing you a hole punch card.

Found on etsy

58. Things I Love About You Card

One of the most unique gifts you can give to your boyfriend. You can state all the reasons why you love him.

Found on positivelysplendid

59. Gift Card

Open your present and you’ll see the sweetest message written only for you.

Found on diycraftsmom

60. Happy Birthday Dress Card

Home-crafted Wish for Your Daughter

Found on baukjescraft

61. Piano Card

Wishes for Acquaintances.

Found on etsy

62. Happy Birthday Card

Handmade greetings to your buddies

Found on carolynbennieink

63. Father’s Day Card

This one’s for your COOL dad!

Found on brit

64. Buntings Birthday Card

Let your child feel that he is special by giving him a handmade birthday card.

Found on muminthemadhouse

65. Happy Birthday Card

Personalized and customized birthday card.

Found on fun-stamping

66. A Little Note Card

Sweet messages for her.

Found on 3umbrellas

67. Graduation Card

Congratulations! Welcome to the real world.

Found on nobiggie

68. Hello Card


Found on ckscrapbookevents

69. Washi Tape Card

Cards for all season.

Found on nobiggie

70. Embossed Card

Washi tapes are life. They make the most beautiful design.

Found on nobiggie

71. Handmade Card with Trophy 

Image result for handmade cards trophy

Sending personalized greeting cards is one of the best way to show your affection to your love ones and making them feel that they’re loved.  What makes them more special is the time you exert to create a one of a kind greeting. Being artistic or creative does not matter at all. It’s the thought, sincerity and effort that always counts. Don’t be afraid to explore your creativity. As long as its for someone we love, everything is possible.

We hope these handmade cards inspired you and helped you get started.


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