7 Puzzle Piece DIY Ideas


A missing puzzle piece means certain disaster! A puzzle will never be the same with even one missing piece.  What is a person to do with all of those pieces?  I know I’ve thrown thousands of pieces in the trash in my lifetime.  If only I had gone to Pinterest first.  Then, I would have known there was still hope!
puzzle art 2

The colors on this canvas make a beautiful piece of art.  Mommo-Design
puzzle art

This project is a bit of a cheat, but I love the effect.  I would say you can do the same thing with actual puzzle pieces if you paint them.  The Little
puzzle letter

I would have never thought of piling the pieces to create this letter, but I love the look.  Honey and Fitz

puzzle letter2

This letter was created by a young child.  You can see the bare spots when you examine it closely, but the all over paint covers any imperfections.  View from the Fridge

puzzle necklace

This idea is my favorite.  These puzzle pieces were sprayed with chrome spray paint to form a best friends necklace for many girls instead of only 2.  No more sad girls that they can’t all be BFF’s and share matching necklaces.   Creative Juices Decor

puzzle tree

This is a super fun idea for kids too.  The Pen Central

puzzle wreathThis wreath is beautiful.  I wonder what the artwork on the puzzle was? Lovely.  Foothill Home Companion


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