7 Painted Play Mat Ideas

play mat collage



I think foam play mats are mostly intended for children.  Most come in bright primary colors that match the decor of few homes.  These play mats are beautiful and would fit in to any decor.  The foam is great for kids because it is a cushioned surface to play on and it’s great for adults because it’s a cushioned surface to stand on.  For this reason, these play mats are a great idea.
play mat 1


I love the shabby chic feel of this rug. It has little girl written all over it.

play mat 2

This chevron print brings a bold grown up statement to a playroom.  Aesthetic Outburst

play mat 3

This geometric print looks complicated, but the blogger gives full instructions.  Anything Pretty

play mat 4

I would have never guessed that this beauty was painted foam.  The Fabulous Design File

play mat 5

I am amazed at the talent of this creator.  It must have taken weeks to paint this.  Shannon Berrey

play mat 6

This lobster theme is delightful.  The cushion underfoot in the kitchen is a great idea.  DIY Show Off

play mat 7Painting a foam mat is an economical way to add a rug to your room and is a great way to introduce colors and patterns to your room.  Home Stories A to Z


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