6 Delightfully Sinful S’mores Recipe Ideas

smores collage   Summertime is a time for S’mores.  Wait!  Who am I kidding?  S’mores are good ANYTIME!  Diet…No diet.  Hot outside…cold outside.  Fireside….kitchen side.

It doesn’t matter if you roast or toast your marshmallow as long as it’s warm enough to melt the caramel, chocolate, peanut butter, peppermint…..  {You get the idea!}

I’ve found some creative ideas that take the classic S’mores to new heights in yumminess.  Enjoy!     smores fudge striped cookie   Oh my goodness!  Fudge striped cookies with a warm toasty marshmallow in the middle.  Sign me up for one or four please! Butter with a Side of Bread smores indoor This variation is called “Indoor S’mores.”  Chocolate chips and marshmallows layered in a skillet and cooked in the oven make for a summertime treat in the dead of winter.  Score! Dessert For Two smores nutter butter nutella Nutter Butter cookies instead of graham crackers and Nutella too???  Timber!  I’m falling in love! Lauren’s Latest smores oreo   Hershey’s chocolate and a roasted marshmallow in an Oreo cookie!?!  Yum!  I wonder if you can still dunk it ice cold milk. Be Different Act Normal       smores samoa   Every normal person in the world loves the Girl Scout Samoa cookie.  If you don’t….we may not be able to remain friends.  This take on the Samoa cookie uses a Ghiradelli caramel candy and toasted coconut marshmallows.  Heavenly days!  This must be a little slice of heaven on earth. Something Swanky smores rolo Imagine with me….. One warm and toasty marshmallow…..one caramely ooey gooey Rolo smashed stuck inside and melted….. WOW!  Somebody start a fire!  I’m needing one of these immediately! Clean and Sensible

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