50-plus DIY Headboards That Are Dreamy


The folks at SnappyPixels.com have put together an impressive collection of DIY headboards for making your bedroom into a room you want to keep your eyes open. And maybe, just maybe you’ll want to make your bed to show off your headboard. (Chevron Headboard source: Metal and Mud)

Different materials such as shutters, fireplace mantels, mirrors, door and even books are used to make creative and distinct headboards. Take a look at these 51 ideas and see if something sparks your interest. The first place you wake up and the last place you see should be something you enjoy; take a chance and change up your headboard, it might improve your outlook. 😉

Here are few of my favorites from the page.

Looks like this headboard is made from pallet pieces.


Some old shutters give this headboard a fresh look.


Sometime paint can work wonders in a headboard.


Ah, my favorite headboard idea, books. I would like to see some with pictures for visual interest.


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