50 Creepy DIY Halloween Party Ideas

halloween party collageThe time has arrived to bring out the scary part of life.  Some of us want a Halloween party filled with gross and creepy items and others of us prefer a fun and less creepy look to our parties.  Either way, Halloween is a fun time to celebrate with friends and show off our creativity.  I think you’ll enjoy these fun Halloween party ideas and maybe they will inspire you to throw your very own party this year.

Jack-o-lantern Popshalloween party 1Found on thegunnysack.com

Candy Corn Garlandhalloween party 2Found on thepinjunkie.com

Shrunken Heads

halloween party 3
Found on ehow.com

Creepy Doorshalloween party 4Found on goodtoknow.co.uk

Halloween Hot Cocoahalloween party 5Found on familyfreshmeals.com

Preserved Head halloween party 6Found on mashable.com

Watermelon Brain
halloween party 7Found on gimmiefreebies.com

Halloween Tuneshalloween party 8Found on tressugar.com

Fang Napkin Holdershalloween party 9Found on foodnetwork.com

Black Candy Appleshalloween party 10Found on simply-delicious.co.za

Creepy Jarshalloween party 11Found on truebluemeandyou.tumblr.com

Light-up Monstershalloween party 12Found on spoonful.com

Floating Ghost Bodies {uber creepy!}halloween party 13Found on babble.com

Oozing Glow in the Dark Stepshalloween party 14Found on celebrating-halloween.com

Shards of Glass Cupcakeshalloween party 15Found on marthastewart.com

Terrifyingly Creepy Childhalloween party 16Found on babble.com

Floating Headhalloween party 17Found on beauxrevesamore.blogspot.com

Cute Zombie Cookies
halloween party 18Found on notquitenigella.com

Terrifying Blood Hand Hallwayhalloween party 19Found on halloweencostumes.com

Floating Ghost Figureshalloween party 20Found on feedly.com

Glow in the Dark Drink Bucket
halloween party 21Found on lovethispic.com

Vintage Halloween Prints
halloween party 22Found on ellaclaireinspired.com

Eyeball Flowershalloween party 23Very Creepy Doll Head Lamp

halloween party 24

Halloween Playdough Sethalloween party 25Found on buggyandbuddy.com

Floating Glowing Hands
halloween party 26


Fizzy Eyeballs Science halloween party 27Found on littlebinsforlittlehands.com

Handy Salad Tongs

halloween party 28Found on tipjunkie.com

Fireplace Full of Boneshalloween party 29Found on flickr.com

Cute Monster Pretzel Stickshalloween party 30Found on youngatheartmommy.com

Ribs and Heart for Dinnerhalloween party 31Found on babble.com

Barbie Zombies halloween party 32Found on craftsbyamanda.com

Vampire Floatshalloween party 33Found on shakentogetherlife.com

Striped Candleshalloween party 34Found on thisgirlslifeblog.com

halloween party 35Found on style-my-party.nl

Pumpkin Patties halloween party 36Found on momontimeout.com

Frankenstein Twinkies Popshalloween party 37Found on thissillygirlslife.com

Glow in the Dark Jack-O-Lanternhalloween party 38Found on princesspinkygirl.com

Halloween Foodshalloween party 39Found on hoosierhomemade.com

Funny Halloween Creatures made from Pretzelshalloween party 40Found on parents.com

Light Up Eyeball from Push Lights
halloween party 41Found on southnorthsouth.net

Bloody Handprintshalloween party 42Found on kylyssa.hubpages.com

Chain made from Pipe Insulationhalloween party 43Found on beadsbycelleste.blogspot.com

Door Decorationhalloween party 44Found on offbeathome.com

Painted Candles 
halloween party 45Found on the36thavenue.com

Eyeball Cookieshalloween party 46Found on lilluna.com

Treat Cups
halloween party 47Found on eighteen25.blogspot.com

Snake Juice 
halloween party 48Found on karaspartyideas.com

Crystal Ball Candlesticks
halloween party 49Found on diyswank.com

Halloween Houses from the Dollar Storehalloween party 50Found on the36thavenue.com




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