50 Amazingly Beautiful DIY Glitter Projects


glitter collageGlitter is a great way to add sparkle to your life.  It is impossible to have a bad day with the added sparkle of glitter.  Though it has been called the ‘herpes of craft supplies,’ glitter brings a party to every situation.  I hope you have some fun creating a few of these fabulously sparkly glitter projects.


Glittery Chevron Canvasglitter 1Found on johnnyandrach.blogspot.com

Glittery Tights
glitter 2Found on Moustachic.com 
glitter 3Found on DomesticCharm.com

glitter 4Found on A Beautiful Mess

glitter 5Found on cape27blog.com

glitter 6Found on ilovetocreateblog.blogspot.com

glitter 7Found on oliveandivyblog.com

glitter 8Found on makezine.com

glitter 9Found on etsy.com

glitter 10Found on thebudgetbabe.com

glitter 11Found on bloglovin.com

glitter 12Found on save-on-crafts.com

glitter 13Found on twotwentyone.net

glitter 14Found on heylaurenrene.com

glitter 16Found on oursouthernhomesc.com

glitter 17Found on ideas.evite.com

glitter 18Found on teenvogue.com

glitter 19Found on joybobo.com

glitter 20Found on twodelighted.com

glitter 21Found on wickednails.wordpress.com

glitter 22Found on sturdyforcommonthings.com

glitter 23Found on etsy.com

gllitter 24Found on diyreal.com

glitter 25Found on buzzfeed.com

glitter 26Found on madiganmade.com

glitter 27Found on omyheartkate.com

glitter 28Found on apumpkinandaprincess.com

glitter 29Found on jennyonthespot.com

glitter 30Found on jennyonthespot.com

glitter 31Found on planetofwomen.net

glitter 32Found on wanelo.com

glitter 33Found on lovefeasttable.com

glitter 34Found on lindahomeiswheremyheartis.com

glitter 35Found on weddingchicks.com

glitter 36Found on bridalmusings.com

glitter 37Found on mykitchenescapades.com

glitter 38Found on thegraphicsfairy.com

gliter 39Found on simplyrealmoms.com

glitter 40Found on etsy.com

glitter 41Found on twojunkchix.blogspot.com

glitter 42Found on theprettybee.com

glitter 43Found on theprettybee.com

glitter 44Found on shoestringsplendour.co.uk

glitter 45Found on magsragstoriches.com

glitter 46Found on kellygolightly.com

glitter 47Found on damasklove.com

glitter 48Found on brit.co

glitter 49Found on creativegreenliving.com

glitter 50Found on sheskindacrafty.com




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