40 Ways To Upcycle Old Clothes

40 Ways To Upcycle Old Clothes

Spring cleaning is a great excuse to dig through your old clothes. Just because it’s worn, torn, or no longer fashionable, it doesn’t mean you need to throw it out. Here are 40 ways you can transform old clothes into new fashionable and trendy outfits and other useful things. From headbands to baby dresses, you won’t believe all of the hidden potential that’s hiding in the back of your closet.

1. Braided T-Shirt Headband

Turn fabric scraps into this colorful headband.

Craft Gossip

2. No-Sew Cardigan

An old sweater can be turned into a stylish cardigan after a few easy modifications.


3. Woven Jean Seam Coasters

Weave seams together to create this unique coaster, would be perfect for a rustic bar.

Simple Things Notebook

4. No-Sew T-Shirt Blanket

Don’t throw out your favorite old shirts, turn them into a cozy blanket instead.

Simplicity’s Sake Blog

5. Cat Stamped Tee

You won’t believe that a boring old v-neck can be turned into a stylish print by using a potato and some paint.

See Kate Sew

6. Upcycled Painted T-Shirt Skirt

If you stain a shirt, this easy craft will turn that ruined shirt into an adorable skirt.

Infarrantly Creative

7. Easy Dolman Tee

Snag an unwanted shirt that’s too big and make it into this curvy dolman.

Trash to Couture

8. Chevron Shirt

Add a little sparkle to your wardrobe.


9. Heart Shirt Cut-Out

Simple no-sew way to creatively transform an old t-shirt.


10. T-Shirt Tote Bag

Insanely easy and super quick way to turn a graphic tee into a tote bag.

Mommy Potamus

11. Denim Placemat

Breathe new life into your old faded jeans.

DIY Enthusiasts

12. Upcycled Baskets

Worn and torn jeans can be upcycled to create these little craft, tool, or make-up baskets.

Best Women’s

13. Styled Sleeves

Add some style to a plain long sleeved shirt with this easy trick.

My Little Shop of Treasures

14. Jean Pocket Pockets

Cut out old jean pockets to hold crafting and office supplies.

Living The Country Life

15. Lattice Studded T-shirt

Create your own lattice shirt without any need to sew.


16. Bow-Back Tank Top

Turn a shirt into this beautiful bow-back tank top.

Creating Laura

17. T-Shirt Necklace

Create this simple fabric necklace out of a brightly colored shirt.

Keira Lennax

18. Dress Shirt Baby Dress

You wouldn’t believe that you can make a baby dress out of an old dress shirt.

All Day Chic

19. Farm Girl Apron

Upcycle old jeans to make this rustic farm girl apron.

Creative Green Living

20. T-Shirt Headband

This big braided headband is perfect for you or as a crafty gift.

New Craft Works

21. Graphic Tee Pillow

Keep your favorite shirt by turning it into a stylish throw pillow. This works best with shirts that have soft graphic prints.


22. Denim Shag Rug

Repurpose old jeans to create this soft and unique shag rug.


23. Slip Dress

Transform a skirt into a piece of amazing summer fashion.

Kier Couture

24. No-Sew Sleeve Bows

Create these adorable sleeves to add a little style to any shirt.

Creating Laura

25. T-Shirt Halter Top

Take a plain shirt and make it into a trendy halter top.


26. Braided Scarf

Twist strips of an old shirt into this simple braided scarf.


27. Cute Cat Tank

Cut and paint a plain white tee to make this super cute top.


28. Jean Tote Bag

Make this denim tote bag out of a pair of upcycle jeans.

The Organized Wife

29. Country Cocktail Napkins

Create these chic cocktail napkins out of some jeans and a little bit of bleach.

Misty Spinney

30. Shoulder Shirt

Upcycle your old wardrobe into a fashionable summer collection.


31. Comfy and Cute Shirt

Add some curves to two old boxy shirts by sewing them together and adding a strip of elastic.


32. Sexy Halter Top

Jeans can be transformed into this sexy denim halter top.

Crafting With Fifi

33. Studded Cut-Off Shorts

Turn a worn out pair of your favorite jeans into a pair of perfectly hip-hugging shorts.

Ride or DIY

34. Angelic Shirt

Add cut-out wings to the back of a shirt to turn it into a work of art.

All Day Chic

35. Cropped Leggings

Transform a pair of leggings into a curve-loving top.


36. Side and Shoulder Tied Shirt

This no-sew shirt is as stylish as it is easy.


37. Jeans Bucket Bag

Turn a pair of shorts of pants into an adorable cinch bucket bag.


38. Corset Tee

Hug those curves with this punky corset t-shirt craft.

Second Street

39. Exotic Jean Jacket

Look well-traveled in this colorful jean jacket.


40. Butterfly V-Neck Shirt

Transform a simple t-shirt into this very beautiful butterfly top.


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