40 Ways to Tie Your Scarf Knot

how to tie a scarf

40 Ways to Tie Your Scarf

Being a fashion forward gal and a frugal gal often collide with saddening thud. But here is a match made in fashion heaven. Scarves and knots. With the instructions from our friends at Scarves.net you can tie your scarf in 40 different types of knots to get a host of looks to accessorize you outfit. YOu can turn your scarf from a simple neck warmer into a scarf halter top or a scarf bustier or a belt. If you need less from your scarf try the cape wrap know or the half bow for a fuller look. so many options for the wonderful scarf. Wrap your mind around the wonderful scarf.

Find out how to tie one on at Scarves.net

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