40 Simple Craft Ideas You Can Make in One Day

40 Simple Craft Ideas You Can Make in One Day

Winter is the perfect time to spend the day inside on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, crafting. Warm up your home with these Simple Craft Ideas You Can Make in One Day.

1. Homemade Heating Pad

A heating pad is a nice way to relax and enjoy a cold evening.

Martha Stewart

2. Kitchen Shears Cozy

Keep your favorite pair of scissors cozy with these repurposed oven mitts.


3. No Sew Sock Bunny

Make this snuggle bunny out of a lone sock (or make a pair of bunnies with two socks).

DIY Cozy Home

4. Lollipop Flowers

Brighten up a rainy day with these cute and easy lollipop flowers.

Helpful Homemade

5. Valentine’s Baggies

Make your own Valentine’s gifts with these DIY S’mores baggies.

Little Peanut Mag

6. Felt Fox Coffee Cozy

Make your own adorable coffee sleeve by following this easy pattern, no sewing machine required.

Lia Griffith

7. Bright Snowflake Throw

This seasonal throw is sure to keep you warm on cool nights.


8. Toilet Paper Pumpkins

Keeping the bathroom stocked with toilet paper has never looked so seasonal.

Vicky Barone

9. Knit Blanket

You can make this fluffy knit blanket in less than an hour.

The DIY Mommy

10. Sweater Ornaments

Repurpose an old sweater and turn it into these lovely ornaments.

Just Imagine

11. Reed Diffusers

Use essential oils to create your own all natural, non-toxic diffusers.

Real Food RN

12. Mason Jar Candles

These herb candles are perfect around the house or as a beautiful handmade gift.

Garden Therapy

13. Matches Artwork

Warm your home with this fiery artwork made from matches.

The Jealous Curator

14. Tree Branch Heart

Paint some old fallen tree branches (or craft branches) to make this lovely wall art.


15. Feather Pendant

Make your living room more whimsical with this hanging feather lamp.

A Beautiful Mess

16. Felted Pillow Covers

Turn felt sweaters into these comfy throw pillows.

Martha Stewart

17. Rope Ottoman

Relax outside and kick your feet up on a homemade rope ottoman.

Style Me Pretty

18. Twinkling Twigs

These twig candle holders will warm up any room.

It’s Kriativ

19. Colorful Clothespin Trivets

Winter usually mean evenings filled with warm dinners. Create something colorful to keep your table safe from bubbling pots of soup.

Dream A Little Bigger

20. Bath Bombs

A hot bath is one of the best ways to unwind. Soothe your achy muscles with this DIY bath bomb.

Inspired By Charm

21. Crochet Coffee Cozy

These easy crochet coffee cozies are a great way to keep your coffee warm. The pattern is quick and easy, even for beginners.

All Free Crochet

22. Fleece Beanie

Make this easy fleece beanie to keep your kids head warm.


23. Perler Bead Jewelry

Make jewelry, shapes, and animals from perler beads.


24. Felt Octopus Stuffie

This adorable octopus stuffed animal is as soft as it is adorable!

Lia Griffith

25. Lion Mittens

Winter is a great time to pick up crocheting or knitting. It can be relaxing and you can make all sorts of accessories and gifts.


26. No Sew Slipper Socks

Turn a pair of thick comfy socks into these slippers.

Martha Stewart

27. Gold Candles

Give your candles a shiny makeover with only a box of thumbtacks!

The Blissful Bee

28. Coffee Filter Flower Lampshade

Decorate an old lampshade with these beautiful coffee filter flowers.

Helpful Homemade

29. Cozy Candles

Warm up your home and your candle holders by giving them little sweaters.


30. Chalkboard Silverware

Personalize and customize your old dinnerware with a little dip in some chalkboard paint.

Vicky Barone

31. Infinity Scarf

Stay warm in style by making your own infinity scarf.

Girl in the Garage

32. Sweater Lampshade

Literally craft some cozy lighting with these sweater lampshades.

Refab Diaries

33. Extra Long Pillow

Get extra cozy by snuggling an extra long pillow.

Style Me Pretty

34. Personalized Coffee Mugs

Save money by personalizing your own mugs. Write wholesome words of encouragement or doodle fun designs to warm up your mornings.

Laughs, Crafts, and Photographs

35. Knit Brim Hat

This knit hat is incredibly soft and warm. Make your own or give one to a friend.

Dream A Little Bigger

36. Homemade Hand Warmers

Keep your hands toasty this winter with some homemade hand warmers.

Lia Griffith

37. Sweater Mittens

You’ll be smitten by these cozy repurposed mittens.


38. Crochet Slippers

Keep your toes warm in a pair of crochet slippers.

The Whoot

39. Wine Bottle Sweaters

Dress up your favorite bottle of wine with an adorable little sweater.

Vicky Barone

40. Cozy Mug Warmers

Make your very own crochet mug warmers.

All About Ami

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