40 Homemade No-Sew DIY Baby and Toddler Gifts

baby collage


Many of us would love to make fun crafts for our children or as gifts, but must require sewing.  Since sewing is not an option for many people, the task seems impossible.  Dear readers….Have no fear! The best NO-SEW projects are here!  Everything from onesies to tee pees!  Every project gathered in one place for you!

No-Sew HeadbandbabyFound on stephenandjessika.com

No-Sew Fleece Octopusbaby 2Found on whileshenaps.com

Fringe on a Fleece Blanket
baby 3Found on blog.makezine.com

No-Sew Pacifier Clipsbaby 4Found on iheartpears.blogspot.com

N0-Sew Floor Pillowbaby 5Found on wonderfuldiy.com

No-Sew Laundry Basket Bassinet baby 6Found on tweetiepiebaby.blogspot.com

No-Sew Custom Onesiesbaby 7Found on therapeuticcrafting.blogspot.com

No-Sew Baby Shoesbaby 8Found on sewinginnomansland.com

No-Sew Ball Pillowsbaby 9Found on parents.com

No-Sew Scarf and Hat Setbaby 10

Found on p-art-y.blogspot.com

No-Sew Bow
baby 11Found on damasklove.com

No-Sew Ponchobaby 12Found on craftymommyathome.blogspot.com

No-Sew Quiet Bookbaby 13Found on powerfulmothering.com

No-Sew Infant Sling Carrierbaby 14Found on baby-go-on.blogspot.com

No-Sew Toddler Ponchobaby 15Found on gluesticksblog.com

No-Sew Doorknob Holderbaby 16Found on makeandtakes.com

No-Sew Personalized Pillowbaby 17Found on designertrapped.com

No-Sew Month Onesiesbaby 18Found on kucole.blogspot.com

No-Sew Boutique Wipes Casebaby 19Found on according-to-kelly.com

No-Sew Tutubaby 20Found on thehairbowcompany.com

No-Sew Fabric Book Storagebaby 21Found on yellowfence.blogspot.com

No-Sew Fishing Gamebaby 22Found on mellebugandme.wordpress.com

No-Sew Embellished Baby Hatsbaby 23Found on bombshellbling.com

No-Sew Fleece Hatbaby 24Found on ehow.com

No-Sew Baby Leg Warmersbaby 25Found on jennsnotsoglamorouslife.blogspot.com

No-Sew Diaper Box Canvas Binsbaby 26Found on positivelysplendid.com

No-Sew Fabric Tutubaby 27Found on amygigglesdesigns.com

No-Sew Baby Onesiebaby 28Found on tutusteaparties.com

No-Sew Baby Onesiebaby 30Found on sotherebyamy.blogspot.com

No-Sew Tutu Dressesbaby 31Found on bestmomstv.com

No-Sew Floor Pillowbaby 32Found on thekitchenandthecave.wordpress.com

No-Sew Tepeebaby 33Found on projectnursery.com

No-Sew Baby Onesiebaby 34Found on schooltimesnippets.com

No-Sew Fabric Wreathbaby 35Found on schooltimesnippets.com

No-Sew Treasure Pouchesbaby 36Found on myfrugaladventures.com

No-Sew Baby Barefoot Sandalsbaby 37

Found on Craftaholicsanonymous.com

No-Sew Toddler Bow Tiebaby 38Found on dannyandfrances.blogspot.com

No Slip Socks for Toddlers baby 40Found on twindragonflydesigns.com



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