25 DIY Christmas Crafts using Candy Canes and Peppermints

peppermint craft collageTis the season for crafting.  Peppermints and candy canes are iconic symbols of Christmas.  I’ve found so many great ideas for using the red and white {or green and white} happiness in your holiday decorating for mere pennies.

These pedestal trays made from peppermints would be the perfect way to display Christmas sugar cookies.peppermint craft 1Found on dollarstorecrafts.com


Most any person would be delighted to have a cupcake on this beautiful display.peppermint craft 2

Found on pizzazzerie.com

If you could get past the tendency for OCD behavior when lining up the candies, this would be an easy way to bring the holidays to your front door.
peppermint craft 3Found on twotwentyone.net

The creativity of this star is amazing.  I love the elongated heart shapes that the candy canes make. peppermint craft 4Found on virginiasweetpea.com

These suckers are simply made from melted peppermints.  So lovely. peppermint craft 5
Found on finditmakeitloveit.com

Cone trees covered in peppermints are very sexy and sleek.  Who’da thunk it friends?
peppermint craft 6Found on pinkporch.blogspot.com

Gluing mints to a block letter monogram would be a great activity for small children this holiday season.
peppermint craft 7Found on centsationalgirl.com

This site gives step by step instructions on melting mints in to trays.  I think it could easily be addicting melting candy. peppermint craft 8Found on dukesandduchesses.com

This variation on the candy cane wreath is equally as beautiful.
peppermint craft 9Found on knittingparadise.com

Peppermint topiaries?  I’ll take two please!  Seriously!  How stinking cute is this idea?
peppermint craft 10Found on bystephanielynn.com

Peppermint wreaths are always an option.  Do you see the little red hots in the spaces too? peppermint craft 11Found on creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com

Rudolph made with candy canes!  Genius!  peppermint craft 12Found on creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com

The simplicity of these trays is lovely.  Nothing more than peppermints glued in place.  peppermint craft 13Found on creatingreallyawesomefreethings.com

These peppermint bowls are much easier than they look.  Wouldn’t they be lovely filled with homemade Christmas candy?peppermint craft 14Found on purlbee.com

This set is changed out for the different holidays.  I love the idea of filling them with peppermints for Christmas. peppermint craft 15Found on uncommondesignsonline.com

Three candy canes and a little bit of ribbon make the perfect holder for place cards.  Why didn’t I think of this?
peppermint craft 16Found on foodiefriendsfridaydailydish.com

I love the sleek look of these candy sticks filling this bowl of flowers. peppermint craft 17Found on princesspinkygirl.com

Have you ever wondered where candy canes come from?  Well….wonder no more!  peppermint craft 18Found on growingajeweledrose.com

This little snowman is so handsome and fun.  peppermint craft 19Found on bhg.com

Gluing peppermint sticks to red candles would be a quick way to had some holiday cheer to your decor.
peppermint craft 20Found on impartinggrace.com

I love the look of these Christmas Stockings.  They would make perfect gift tags too. peppermint craft 21Found on sugartown-sweets.blogspot.com

This would be fun for little hands as well. peppermint craft 22Found on bhg.com

This little wreath is simply delightful.
peppermint craft 23Found on thecraftycrow.net

If you don’t know what to do with your candy canes, why not crochet around them? peppermint craft 24Found on lovetolink.hubpages.com

At first glance, I thought this was spaghetti and meatballs.  Maybe I should take a little lunch break!peppermint craft 25Found on bhg.com


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