23 Stubborn Cleaning Problems Solved

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The internet is full of blog posts on cleaning stains naturally, but finding solutions for stubborn cleaning issues can be a bit more difficult.  If you are tired of plastic containers stained by tomato sauce, baked on grime in your burner pans or stained microfiber furniture, this post is for you.  Say goodbye to those pesky cleaning issues and hello to a new and improved life.

Return Air Ventscleaning air vents

Using the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner only brings frustration when trying to clean return air vents.  This idea is pure genius.  Home Sweet Homebodies


cleaning blender

Rue you blender! You are so hard to clean and put back together.  Thank you to Just Imagine for sharing this tip.

Burnt Pans

cleaning burnt pans

Cleaning burnt stains from cookware has been impossible until now.  The Kitchn

Stained Coffee Mugs

cleaning coffee stained mugs

Does your favorite coffee mug have a permanent ring in it?  Go to Nature’s Nurture Blog to see how you can bring your white mugs back to new.

Stained Cookie Sheets

cleaning cookie sheet

The dreaded cookie sheets.  No matter how hard you scrub, they never look pretty again…..until NOW that is.  One Good Thing By Jillee

Crock Pot Mess

cleaning crock pot

How does this happen?  I’ve never witnessed my crock pot leaking, yet there is always this mess present.  I thought it was ruined forever until I saw the solution at 5th Brick House on the Right.

Stained Cutting Boards

cleaning cutting board

Do your white cutting boards have stains? Go over to Snap Guide and learn how to fix the problem.


cleaning dishwasher

After my spaghetti night dishes washed, I noticed a pink cast to the inside of my dishwasher.  I’ll be trying this idea from Home Stories A to Z to clean it.

Glass Bakeware

cleaning glass cookware

The stuck on residue from cooking spray on my glass baking dishes makes me crazy.  Call me OCD but this is a serious problem in my world.  Who knew that you could use a Magic Eraser to take that off?  Tasteful Space….that’s who knew!


cleaning lamp shades

Dusty lampshades are next to impossible to clean.  This idea of using a lint roller is pure genius.  Thanks Buzzfeed for sharing.

Microfiber Furniture

cleaning microfiber

I’m going to be truthful and tell you that my first world pride would have convinced me to get  rid of that disgusting looking couch until I saw this solution.  Amazing!  551 East Design


cleaning nail polish

I seriously think I stopped breathing when I saw the mess in this picture.  Thanks to the Baby Center Blog nobody has to die from a heart attack if this happens.  Easy fix.  Whew.

Oven Glass

cleaning oven glass

That one drip between the glass on my oven door makes me crazy.  I’m not sure how it got there, but I know that this trick will be happening in my home very soon.  Ask Anna Moseley


cleaning oven

I would rather do most anything over cleaning out the oven.  I always think the fumes from oven cleaner will most certainly be my demise, but using the self cleaning feature requires a lot of time and a willingness to live with heat similar to the hubs of hell for most of a day.  A person can not live under these conditions, but the job must be done at some point.  This solution is much more manageable.  Instructables

Pet Hair

cleaning pet hair

Pet hair….human hair….it’s all a mess! It gets everywhere and makes one wonder if we should all live a life of baldness.  This nifty trick is worth trying.  Real Simple


cleaning pillows

Ewwwww…. Yellow pillows! It’s a good thing we can cover them with cases, right?  Did you know they can be washed and brought back to white?  Read about it here:  One Good Thing By Jillee

Rust Spots on Knives

cleaning rust spots

I’m not sure how my knives get those tiny rust spots on them, but I’ve found them impossible to remove….but…Have no fear! Lemon juice is here!

Rusted Bakeware

cleaning rusty pans

Apartment Therapy shows you how to spiff up those rusted baking pans.

Marks on White Dishes

cleaning scratches

The scratch marks on my white dishes make me crazy.  Do you see a theme here?  As it turns out, this is an easy fix.  Check out the solution at Mom Outnumbered.

Stove Burners

cleaning stove burners

What does cooked on food and oils have to be so difficult to clean?  Go to The V Spot to get an easy solution to this issue.

Burner Pans

cleaning stove pans

The charred mess in burner pans is virtually impossible to clean.  One Good Thing By Jillee makes the job easy work.

Moldy Grout

cleaning tile

Gross shower grout is my nemesis.  Have no fear, a solution is here!  Practically Functional

Stained Plastic Containers

cleaning tomato stainsLast but not least, there is the issue with tomato sauce stained plastic storage containers.  EHow tells you how to fix the problem.

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