20 Amazing DIY Pottery Barn Knock-Offs

20 DIY pottery barn knockoffs

Who loves Pottery Barn? Okay, okay, you can put your hands down now, no one can see you unless the government is spying on you through your web cam. Can they really do that? Moving on…

We love Pottery Barn but we don’t love their inflated prices for items that look rather easy to turn into a DIY project. I am glad the stepsisters over at Twyoityourself.com have collected 20 DIY projects so you can knockoff some Pottery Barn products on your own. My favorite is the Peace sign or maybe the wine bag. Peace or alcohol? Why can’t I have both!

Best to stick with saw horse DIY project, I guess. Ride on over to see all 20 pictures and links to the tutorials.

See all 20 PB links at Two It Yourself.

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