14 Homemade Recipes for Dog Treats


Is your dog nutty for peanut butter? Why not make them some homemade peanut butter dog treats – just for them!


Find this tempting recipe for your pup at DamnDelicious.net

Want your doggie to have a shiny & flea-free coat? Then you’ll want to check out these homemade treats, made especially to help with these dog health needs.


Look up this one at PrimallyInspired.com

Does your dog ever snag a pretzel while you’re snacking? “Get your own!” you may want to say to them. Well, now you can give them special, homemade oat & apple pretzels, just for dogs!


Check out the healthy ingredients in this dog treat recipe at TheCookieRookie.com

Now everyone loves bacon as an occasional indulgence…even your dog or puppy! Try these delicious, homemade peanut butter & bacon doggie treats to let your pup know they are so special to you.


From SallysBakingAddiction.com

Yes, it’s a real bummer when your dog gets fleas! They are super uncomfortable and you worry about the fleas spreading through your home. Give them a little flea prevention treat every now and then, they will enjoy and you will worry less about fleas too!


Find this healthy recipe at HealthStartsinTheKitchen.com

The heat & humidity makes anyone’s tail wag a little less. But serve up this yummy, frozen apple treat and your dog will be singing a different tune. No, really call us – or someone! – if they actually start to sing!


Look up this dog treat recipe here at PopSugar.com

Treat your dog truly like a member of the family, with pumpkin and applesauce dog treats of their own! Healthy and delicious goodies they will enjoy.


Find the recipe at BackToHerRoots.com 

Want a dog treat recipe that is super healthy but also really yummy? Let your dog bite into these zucchini, carrot and spinach treats.


You’ll find the recipe here, at DamnDelicious.net

Chicken Biscuits Dog Treats

Is your dog sensitive to a lot of ingredients, or perhaps you are simply choosy about what you give them? We’ve got a treat recipe for you – Chicken Biscuits that are hypoallergenic. Give them a try!


Your puppy wants you to get the recipe from DogVills.com

Looking for a classic dog treat recipe that is sure to be a crowd pleaser? Try these homemade ones, filled with peanut butter and banana for a healthy but tempting taste your dog will enjoy.


Get the recipe at MunchkinsAndMilitary.com

Bacon dog treats are an indulgence to spoil your pup with sometimes – and we’ve found a great recipe for you. Make them yummy, bacon treats they’ll enjoy every bite each time you make them!


Look up the recipe at VanessaBaked.com 

Sweet Potato Chews Dog Treats

Most dogs love to chew, and we’ve got a terrific chew treat recipe for you. Make them sweet potato chew treats to enjoy after a long walk or a trip to the dog park.



Found at PetCouponSavings.com

Does your dog love jerky? You don’t have to feel like a “jerk” anymore – making this treat for them is actually easier than you might think. We’ve found you a delicious chicken jerky recipe for your pups!

Easy Recipe for Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treats

This recipe only uses 4 natural ingredients to make delicious peanut butter treats for your pup.


Found at BigDIYIdeas.com


Home Made Chicken Jerky Treats for your Dog


Get the recipe at YourDogHasDiabetes.Blogspot.com 

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