13 Genius Homework Stations



The task of homework is certainly the least favorite part of any kid’s day.  After spending a long day at school learning, continuing work at home seems unfair and unnecessary.  These homework stations would surely change the mind of any kid.  These ideas are pure genius and beautiful too.
homework 1

Keeping papers organized is a huge step in making homework feel less daunting.  Summit View Photos

homework 2


This command center is beautiful and functional.  Perfect combination.  Painted Therapy
homework 4

Having all the supplies you need is a must.  Controlling my Chaos
homework 5

This homework station is so bright and cheerful.  I love the display of artwork and that clock.  Remodelholic
homework 6

The simplicity of this bucket is great.  Everything you need in one place and the handle makes it portable. Our Forever House

homework 7

These pockets are delightful.  Tip Junkie

homework 8

This blogger used and over the door shoe storage to display school supplies where they could be easily found.  Tip Junkie
homework 9

This is beautiful.  Clean and Scentsible 

homework 10



The blue and green in this room are beautiful.  Clean and Scentsible

homework 11


These wooden chairs with the pocket are amazing and I really want to have some of my very own.  Thistle Wood Farm

homework 12


This small shelf with storage bins, school supplies and message boards works perfectly to organize any student.  Hub Pages

Homework 13

This shelf is adorable and that small stool is super awesome too.  I love this simple homework station.  Modern Parents Messy Kids

homework3This remote control holder is way cuter and more functional as a homework station.  Don’t you agree?  Sunla Designs



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