13 Fridge Makeovers that will Blow Your Mind

fridge collage

Do you have an ugly refrigerator?  If so, this post had you in mind.  These 13 refrigerator makeovers will blow your mind.  Obviously, there is no reason to go through life with an ugly fridge.  Get off your couch…grab some paint….and let your creative juices flow.
fridge aqua

This blogger painted her fridge in a gray colored chalkboard paint and added these new handles to the front, but she wasn’t in love with the color.  She painted it in this beautiful aqua color and it is quite lovely.  Always In Wonder

fridge chalkboard

Chalkboard paint is all the rage right now.  You can find it on furniture, walls and now on refrigerators!  This fridge makeover is awesome.  The messages can be changed daily and it cuts down on the need for sticky notes if you use it as a message center.  Erin Lauray

fridge chevron

This fridge was originally black.  White contact paper cut in a chevron pattern adds a super fun look to an otherwise boring refrigerator.  Pocket Full Of Pretty

fridge chicken coup

This chicken coupe fridge was professionally painted by the folks at Rainbow Hands, but I know many a DIYer that could make this happen in their home.
fridge lots of flowers

How could you have a bad day after you retrieved your breakfast from this beauty each morning?  Little Green Notebook

fridge shabby chic

This makeover totally blew my mind.  This blogger has adhered wood accents to this fridge and then painted all of it to look like a shabby chic piece of cabinetry.  Amazing!  Mod Vintage Life
fridge spring flowers

The flowers on this fridge are so happy.  It’s as if they are smiling back at me.  {maybe I’ve had too much coffee}  Nibs Blog

fridge steamer trunk

Can you even believe the way this artist was able to achieve the look of an antique steamer trunk our of this refrigerator?  I can’t stop looking at it.  She gives full details on how to make your very own steamer trunk fridge at Home Talk.

fridge tardis

Everyone needs a Tardis.  Right?  It’s A Dans World

fridge tree

The copper color and simple black tree give this fridge makeover an elegant look.

fridge union jack

Union Jack fridge makeover.  This is awesome!  Nicety

fridge vintage green

This vintage fridge is so charming with a vintage print applied.  Apartment Therapy

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