13 Crazy Fun Dorm Room Ideas

dorm collage

 Leaving for college is a bittersweet moment for most people.  For most, it is the first time you will live away from the home you grew up in.  Making your small dorm room feel like a piece of home is so very important.

Take a look at these simple DIY rooms and gather some ideas to help you design your own perfectly perfect dorm room.  Relax and have a little fun while you create delightful memories of your first home away from home.


This Tiffany Blue room with black accents is so very pretty.  I wonder what the roomate on the other side of the room thought when they saw this beauty.


I love the use of the trim molding is used to hang the pictures.  The black and yellow on the bed is a great combo too.

dorm can organizer

Organization is a must in dorm rooms.  With limited space, comes creativity.  This pyramid of covered cans is a great use of space for school supplies.
Somewhat Simple

dorm cardboard

The creative use of coffee sacks as headboards is so fun in this room.  They have carried this simple upcycled theme through all of the bedding.  The cabinet storing the dorm fridge and microwave doesn’t go unnoticed either.  Pure genius!

dorm chair

Small desk chairs come in a variety of colors these days, but finding one covered in beautiful fabric is impossible.  Why not cover your chair to match your bedding?  This chair is simply charming. – Metal and Mud

dorm chalkboard table

Painting the top of a desk or table with chalkboard paint gives you a constant place to doodle and jot down notes.  Actually, painting a board and hanging it on the wall works just the same.  Use chalkboard paint on everything!  Chalkboard paint the WORLD!


dorm clipboard

These clipboards were found at the dollar store and painted.  This is a great way to keep up with assignments for classes as well as pretty printables for the holidays.
Crafts By Courtney


These adorable stools are made from crates with a simple covered board for the cushion.  This is a great idea!
Tupelo Honey

dorm instagram clock

Everybody loves Instagram photos.  This would be a super fun way to display your family pictures.
Land of Nod


Did you know you can iron fabric to the wall and it will peel off leaving no residue?  With this knowledge, you can conquer the world!
This Thrifty House

dorm magnet board

This is a piece of metal covered in fabric.  It makes a beautiful magnetic bulletin board.

dorm photo garland

This simple idea for hanging photos on the wall is so fun!  It would be very easy to change out and add photos throughout the year and super simple to pack up when summer comes.

College Candy

dorm tshirt door rug

This t-shirt rug is a fun way to use all of those random t-shirts that are hanging out in the back of the closet and dresser drawers.

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