12 Amazing Ideas for Classrooms

classroom collageTeachers are always looking for new and fun ideas for their classrooms.  I’ve found some fun ideas for keeping your classroom organized, exciting and a great place for learning.

Take a look around and see what you might find to incorporate in to your classroom.

classroom door

Everybody loves minions.  This door is bound to make the most nervous student feel at ease.

Kickin It With Class

classroom file cabinets

This teacher has placed two file cabinets back to back and covered with fabric to make a magnetic bulletin board with storage.  Genius!

classroom hulk

This Hulk bulletin board is awesome!  I love the idea of using clothespins in order to change out information easily.  The tissue paper tied up to make muscles is amusing too!


classroom letter

The letter that ‘Mrs. Eiken’ has written to her students is so nice.  It’s great for kids to have a reminder that they matter.

Fourth Grade Frolics

classroom lost and found

These containers labeled for lost school supplies looks like a great way to keep order in the classroom.  I’m wondering where the ‘broken crayons’ bucket is.
Tech Junkie

classroom money

Hands on learning is always a great option.  I’m thinking using fake money might be a better idea unless you intend to invest in to everyone’s lunch fun.

Beyond Traditional Math

classroom mustache

Everyone is on the mustache band wagon these days.  This little sign is a great reminder to raise your hand and it’s funny too.

classroom reading

Who wouldn’t want to sit at this reading table?  The colors are so fun and inviting.  Great job teacher!

classroom redbox

This book rental shelf is so fun.  It is bound to be a popular stopping place for all kids.

classroom rules

This preschool teacher used parts to Mr. Potato Head to instruct children how to be respectful in the classroom.

Preschool Wonders Blog

classroom sign out

Keeping up with all of the children who head off to the bathroom throughout the day is bound to be complicated.  This idea using melamine plates and an Expo marker is genius.

Primary Inspired

classroom supply baskets

These buckets labeled with vowels are ‘group buckets.’  Each table gets a bucket full of supplies to use.  This system keeps everything neat and tidy and gives a greater opportunity for children to have the supplies they need when they need them.

Mrs. Kelly’s Class

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