11 Repurpose and Upcycle Your Baby Crib Ideas

No need to throw out the old baby crib. You can reuse the crib as another piece of more useful furniture or even storage. One creative Mom made a playhouse out of her child’s old crib. What can you do?

Baby Crib Bench (via)

baby crib bench

Baby Crib Chair (link)

stained baby crib chair

Crib to Desk (Instructions for Crib to Desk)

crib to desk

Crib Made Into a Bench (via)

crib  to bench

Crib to Wagon (via)

crib to wagon

Crib to Hanging Craft Station

crib to craft station

Crib to Book Rack (via)

crib to book rack

Baby Crib Made into Jewelry Storage Rack

baby crib jewelry rack

Make an Old Crib a New Playhouse (flip it over)

crib playhouse

Crib Made Into a Plate Rack (via)

crib plate rack

Repurposed Crib as a Magnetic Board (via)

crib as magnetic board

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