11 of the Best DIY Fire Pit Ideas for Your Backyard

diy fire pit ideas

Fire pits have become a fashionable option for backyards, patios and romantic outdoor spaces. But find the perfect fire pit can be challenging. Should you just buy a simple one from the store or hire a handyman or contractor to build one? Or how about building your own DIY fire pit? From the examples I have provided below we run the gamut from a flameless fire pit for kids to a simple paver fire pit to a metal fire pit with soldering skills needed. Their is a firepit for you somewhere on this list.

Simple Paver Fire Pit (Homeroad.com)

Pavers provide an easy option for creating a great looking fire pit.

building a fire pit

Simple DIY Fire Pit for Your Garden (Bridgman.com)

Using different size pavers can make a firepit more interesting.


Propane fire pit from copper fittings and a flower pot (Instructables)

Get propane in the mix for a quick start fire pit.

propane fire pit from flower pot

Flameless Fire Pit for Kids (FreePeople.com)

This may be cheating, but your kids can have their own fire pit without the dangers of fire. They’ll love it.

flameless firepit

DIY Eco-Friendly Outdoor Fireplace (FineCraftGuild.com)


Do It Yourself In-Ground Fire Pit (Alyssabnoel.com)

This in-ground option is safer but harder on the back. 😉

diy fire pit backyard

DIY Square Concrete Fire Pit (DIYNetwork.com)

square fire pit

DIY Metal Fire Pit (The-Brick-House.com)

metal diy fire pit.jg

Quick and Easy Firepit Surround (Lowes.com)

quick easy fire pit

Washing Machine Tub Firepit or the Redneck Firepit (Curbly.com)

This idea for a fire pit is either genius or insane. Probably somewhere in the middle.

washing machine tub firepit

Concrete Bowl Fire Pit (eHow.com)

concrete bowl firepit

What Kind of DIY Fire Pit Will You Make?

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