101 Borderline Genius Life Hacks to Make Life Easier


Hey, we all know life really isn’t easy, in fact it is really, really hard most of the time. So, when I find 101 tips (life hacks) on how to make my life easier, I feel the need to share this information with my online friends. Who isn’t a big fan of tricks and tips to make life just a little smoother, a little less frustrating and easier? Well, DIY Sweet Home has curated a list of 101 tips that cover something for all of us.

Want to know how to better organize your medicine cabinet? How about cooling drinks in under 3 minutes? Prevent last minute Christmas shopping? Cooking Salmon in your dishwasher? Yes! You can find all these “make life easier” tips and more here. I honestly hope this helps bring your stress down and your creativity up!

Thanks for finding 101 Life Hacks for an Easier Life!

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