10 Epically Funny Costumes for Kids

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Halloween is a fun time for kids, but these kids brought their parents much delight too.  I can not get over the cuteness contained in these pictures.  I’ve laughed so hard at each one of the pictures I’m sharing.  Here’s hoping your Halloween brings a million laughs.

biker baby

All babies should be required to wear tattoos and facial hair.  You can’t have a bad day when you see a baby with tattoos and facial hair.  Right?  The Chive
halloween kid 2

Once again….we have facial hair.  This strong man costume is so funny!  Coolest Homemade Costumes

halloween kid 3

{singing} Let’s get physical…physical….I wanna get physical….Let’s get into physical….

halloween kid 4

Until this moment, I never thought about the similarities…..
halloween kid 5

Nacho Libre!

halloween kid 6

Hello there, Flo.  Great to see you.  Red Tri

halloween kid 7

I love Charlie Brown and Snoopy.  Costume Works

halloween kid 8

There is so much about this duo that is wrong…. But….Oh. So. Funny.  Costume Works

halloween kid 9I think I laughed at this a lot longer than I should have.  In fact, I’m still laughing.  The Chive


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