10 DIY Back to School Party Ideas

back to school collageGoing back to school is always bittersweet for children and parents alike.  I remember always being excited about brand new school supplies, shoes and outfits, but being anxious about new teachers, friends and schedules.  Leaving behind schedules for 3 months in the summer is wonderful, but there is some beauty in routine too, right?

I’ve been seeing ideas for ‘Back to School’ parties on the internet lately.  I think it’s a great idea!  Why only have birthday and holiday parties, when you can celebrate all sorts of fun milestones like back to school?  I say celebrate!  Enjoy life!

back to school you are so sharpThis simple place setting is super fun.  You can see more of this party at Eighteen 25.

back to school pretzels

These pretzels made to look like apples are so cute in the simple bucket.  You can get instructions at Make. Bake. Celebrate. 

back to school pencils

These tubes filled with gumballs are made to look like pencils.  Do you see it?  So fun!  Snap Creativity

back to school menu

I love this menu idea!  I’ll take a Substitute Teacher Salad and some Monkeying Around bread please.  Kinser Event Company

back to school invite

You must have an invitation for any shindig right?  I love the idea of using a folder. One Charming Party

back to school decorations

This blogger has used simple and useful elements in her decorating.  I’m particularly fond of the glass vase full of apples.  Merry Events

back to school buses

School buses made from Hershey Nuggets!  Super fun!  Like a Pretty Petunia

back to school eraser candy

This is not going to be the tastiest candy you’ve ever tasted, but it’s a super fun idea! One Charming Party

back to school photo

Don’t forget to get first day of school photos.  There are a lot of creative ideas for photos out there, but I liked this idea.  This would be a fun idea do do with each child at your back to school party.  You could send a print to each child in the mail after the party.

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