10 Creative Ways to use Mod Podge

mod podge collage




Sometimes living a life with standard objects gets boring. You might be laying on the couch watching a Netflix marathon on TV or trying to study for an exam and you suddenly feel the tug of a colorful life.  You have the option of quitting everything and heading for the beach or getting out some fabric or paper scraps and a bottle of Mod Podge.  The Mod Podge requires less commitment so you begin creating.

This is how it happens for me, anyway.  Maybe I’m the only one?  I may never know.

mod podge bins

These standard file pockets have become a beautiful work of art with the simple addition of some fabric.  Get the details at Susi Rydahl.

mod podge bird picture

I love the simplicity of these little birds.  The paper is quite busy but the white space on the canvas and the simplicity of the design makes these prints very delightful to look at.  See how she did it at Who’s Watching the Baby.

mod podge child art

These canvas prints are children’s art that has been Mod Podged to basic canvases. See how she did it at Mod Podge Rocks Blog.

mod podge dresser

I had never thought about using Mod Podge on furniture.  I love the look of the dresser and might have found a use for the stacks of scrapbook paper hanging around my house.

mod podge fan

Have you ever looked up and thought your ceiling fan was too boring?  Nope.  I haven’t either.  But…Now I think I might have to jazz up a ceiling fan or two.  Learn how at Dimples and Tangles.

mod podge initial

Mod Podge projects aren’t just for girls.  This letter ‘D” was made for a little boy’s nursery.  The comic book print is far from girly.  Two Busy Brunettes made this amazing statement piece.
mod podge vase




This beautiful ombre vase is made with tissue paper and Mod Podge.  Isn’t it lovely?  Mod Podge Rocks Blog

mod podge storage bin


This blogger was using a basic plastic bin for toy storage.  She got the amazing idea to add wooden feet and Mod Podge fabric to the plastic.  What she got is a beautiful toy box with a very small price tag.  Home Talk

mod podge chairI’ve been admiring the look of patchwork for a long time.  This is an easy way to bring the patchwork look to your room without busting out the sewing machine. This is my idea of a great project.

mod podge light switch


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