10 Beneficial & Unusual Uses for Onions


Onions are a very essential vegetable in our day to day cooking. The onion is rich is antioxidants and doctors have said that onions possess cancer healing elements. They are used in almost every dish whether it is Chinese or Italian and everything in between. Stir fried or just plain old deep fried, onions give us so much happiness in regards to food (even though they often make my eyes water). But, the mighty onion is not only confined to cooking. It can and is used in some very unusual ways which have actually been tested with outstanding results. So, without further ado, let us take a look at the ten most bizarre uses of onions.

10. Helps Repel Insects and Soothes Insect Bites

Onion Insect Bites

We all know how bad “onion breath” is but in this circumstance, it seems like the pungent odor of the onion is an advantage. By using a couple of onions and some other basic ingredients, you can produce an easy insect repellent that works on so many levels. For better insight, check here and give it a try next time you plan anything outdoors. Simply cut an onion in half and using one half, rub the vegetable all over your hands and legs. If already bitten, rub the onion on the affected area and the pain will instantly reduce. Although your skin might smell of onion, you will be bite free.  So next time you plan a camping trip, do not forget a bag of onions.

9. Easy Splinter Removal

onion for splinters

Working with wood can be a difficult and painful job. Splinters are bound to get to you at some point and they are extremely annoying. Some of them are so tiny, it is impossible to remove with bare hands. But enter “the onion”. Yes, onions are great in removing splinters from fingers or the hands. All you really need is an onion and some kind of tape. Cut the onion in half and place one over the area where the splinter is embedded in your skin. Use the tape to fasten the onion halve down tightly to your skin. And that is it. Now, wait for about an hour and the splinter will automatically be removed into or on the onion. For more information check this out.

8. Removing Paint and Varnish Smell

onions paint

When we decide to paint out homes, we usually leave the house for a few days so that we can be away from the highly intoxicating smells of paint and varnish. These smells can be quite harmful for us and even worse for babies and kids. If you have no other choice but to live in the newly painted house, use onions to get that awful smell out as you can see here. All you need to do is slice a big onion and place it in a bowl with water. You will see a noticeable change in the way the room smells. The onion has a very powerful odor and the water helps in releasing it.

7. Clean Your Grill

onions grill

After a wonderful barbeque, we feel too lazy to clean up and so we leave the grill as it is. Continuously doing this leaves the grill dirty and susceptible to rust. But, if you are too lazy to clean properly, this is a remedy for you. Just take an onion, slice it in half and stick a fork in one half. With the cut side on the grill, rub the onion using a bit of force. Within minutes you will see the difference. Your grill will be cleaner and without all the hard work. Next time you think of having a barbeque, keep an onion close.

6. Polishing Metal

onion silver

This may sound a bit bizarre because we usually want the smell of onion off our utensils, not the other way around but this really works wonders. If you have metal forks and spoons, plates, trays or basically anything metal that has lost its luster, the onion can be your best friend. The powerful juices within an onion are strong enough to remove any kind of dirt or rust from metal. Just chop an onion and place it in a bowl. Fill this bowl with water and let it sit for a while so that the juice is extracted properly. Now, simply dab a cloth into this magical water and wipe the metal clean. If the stains are persistent, place the metal in the bowl and let it soak for a few minutes. Then remove and wipe away the dirt.  You will be surprised at the results. Don’t believe take a look here.

5. A Substitute for Smelling Salts

onion smelling salts

Smelling salts are a wonderful way to releasing stress. Just keeping them in the bathroom enhances to whole bathing experience and relaxes the mind and body. But they are quite expensive and not everyone can afford them regularly. So, the cheapest substitute is the onion as you can see here. Yes, the onion has chemicals that help the body and mind relax. Just chop an onion and place it in a bowl. Put the bowl in the bathroom and you will see the difference. The very light but noticeable odor of the onion helps in relaxing after a tiring day.

4. Onion Tea for A Sore Throat

Onion sore throat

Onion tea has been used for hundreds of years for different ailments. But the most effective use of onion tea is for soothing a sore throat . When you hear “onion tea” immediately you think of boiling onions in water with a bit of sugar and serving. Thankfully that is not the method. This tea is actually made from the stiff paper like skin of this onion. Take about 100 ml of water and place about 4 onion skins in it and bring to the boil. Add sugar if required but best results are obtained without sugar. Stir the mixture till the water takes on the color of the skins. Remove, strain and drink. Say goodbye to that sore throat within an hour.

3. Takes Away Burned Rice Taste

onion burned rice

Have you ever burned rice while cooking it? Even if it is just slightly burned, the rice has a horrid taste after that. We would rather throw the rice away and start again than eat the burned portion. But with the help of just an onion, burned rice can taste as good as new. Just cut an onion in half and place one half on top of the rice with the cut side touching the rice. In a few minutes, remove the onion and your rice will be as good as new. You can see yourself right here. The onion absorbs the burned taste from the rice and leaves it tasting like how rice is supposed to taste. It’s a wonderful trick to have around the kitchen but more importantly, it stops us from throwing away good rice.

2. Colored Dye

onion dye

Well, this is something really cool actually. The outer layer of the onion has strong color in it. The paper like skin is used as a dye and has been used for hundreds of years. All you need to do is collect all the onion skins you possibly can and stuff them into pantyhose. The more you have, the better the color. Tie the pantyhose so that the skins cannot fall out. Next, in a large pot, add water and bring to the boil. Place the pantyhose in the water and reduce the heat. Let it simmer for about an hour or so and remove from the heat. Take out the pantyhose and squeeze out the liquid. What you have left is an amazing dye. You can color fabrics by soaking them in the water. People even use this method to make Easter eggs. Take a look here.

1. Egg Mold

onion egg

You might be thinking “how can an onion be an egg mold?” right now but I was as shocked as you. As we know, onions are used in almost every dish and this proves it. Getting a perfectly round fried egg is impossible unless we use a cutter after it is fried but we lose out on quantity like that. So, to impress people with your cooking skills, do this. Take a large onion and cut it into 1/2 inch slices. As we all know onions have layers, so peel out the biggest ring you can find and keep it aside. Now, on a frying pan, add a tablespoon of butter or oil. Place the onion ring in the pan and let it cook on one side for a minute. Then flip over and now crack an egg into the ring. To show the yolk, push aside the white gently as it cooks. When the desired consistency is reached, take it off the pan and plate up. Not only does it look stunning, the egg goes well with the onion. If you don’t want the onion ring, simply push the egg out and you will be left with a perfectly round fried egg. Now all that’s left is a pinch of salt and pepper.

Author:  Candice Quigley

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