10 Amazing DIY Lemonade Stands

lemonade stand collage

Lemonade is an all time favorite summer drink and lemonade stands have been providing entrepreneurial lessons to children and delight to neighborhood patrons for many years.  When I was a kid, you used Mom’s card table and a cardboard sign to advertise your goods.  These DIYers have taking the lemonade stand to an entirely new level of awesomeness!  Take a look at these 10 DIY lemonade stands.

lemonade stand 1

This stand was made from pallets.  You can truly make anything out of a pallet.  Right?
See Vanessa Craft

lemonade stand 2

This stand was built from a small dresser and bicycle parts.  The bicycle parts make it a ‘portable lemonade stand.’  So creative!

lemonade stand 3

Using four simple crates, this blogger was able to create a beautiful lemonade stand.  The lemonade recipes she shares on this past look wonderful too!
The Nerd’s Wife

lemonade stand 4

This lemonade stand folds flat for easy storage.
Skip to My Lou

lemonade stand 5

I love the vintage feel that the aged paint gives this stand.  The colors are beautiful.
Lil’ Luna

lemonade stand 6

The puffy flowers on the front of this lemonade stand are made from coffee filters.  They are so pretty!
I Know the Plans I have 4 You

lemonade stand 7The colors are so pretty on this stand.  Most of this project was made from salvaged pieces with a coat of paint.
Restless Risa

lemonade stand 8

Inside the Mind of Nicole

lemonade stand 9

This stand is a simple table covered with this beautiful tablecloth.  She gives great ideas for keeping the stand running smoothly with the use of an extra table and ice chest.
Design Dazzle

lemonade stand 10The soft buttery color of the stand with the pink accents is so beautiful.
My Simple Obsession


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