3 Amazing DIY Marquee Signs

Everyone one dreams of seeing their name in lights, right?  Cliche’?  Maybe.  But, there is something delightful about marquee lights.  I’ve found 3 versions that I think you will like … Read More

9 DIY Silhouette Projects

Silhouettes are a very old form of artwork.  The process isn’t nearly as complicated as you might think.  I’ve found 9 inspiration pieces to share with you. The possibilities are … Read More

egg carton mirror

DIY Floral Egg Carton Mirror

I’m mesmerized by this beautiful mirror.  Can you believe it was made from egg cartons?  Seriously! This is simply amazing! Check out the tutorial at:

DIY Map String Art

String art had become a thing of the past until recently.  I remember doing string art crafts when I was in elementary school and the way that my mom would … Read More

10 Amazing DIY Lemonade Stands

Lemonade is an all time favorite summer drink and lemonade stands have been providing entrepreneurial lessons to children and delight to neighborhood patrons for many years.  When I was a … Read More

yard yahtzee

DIY Yard Yahtzee

Everybody loves a good game of Yahtzee.  Why not take it outside?  This looks like so much fun!  The fact that it’s cheap and easy too makes it a HUGE … Read More

giant bubble recipe

Giant Bubble Recipe

Bubbles….Tiny bubbles….  Whoa! Wait a minute!  Giant bubbles that swallow toddlers and bring giant laughter?  This looks so fun! Sign me up!  I want to be in a giant bubble … Read More

galaxy collage

DIY Galaxy Painting

In a galaxy far far away…..there were people wearing their own form of camouflage. Galaxy print is very popular everywhere right now.  You can find it coupled with the Dr. … Read More

princess totes

No Sew Princess Totes

These totes would make any girl, young or old, squeal with delight!  Each one is completely constructed with a ready made tote bag and a hot glue gun.  No sewing … Read More