How to Make a Baby Crib Desk

DIY Desk from a Baby Crib

DSCN2082 (480x640)I have had these two baby crib ends since last spring when I went to Panguitch. I was there doing an art workshop for a friend of mine, on photo transfer, glass etching, and a short jewelry class.

While in Panguitch I made the short trip to Hatch to see a friend of mine that has a collectables shop, while there  she asked if I would be interested in taking these baby crib ends to make something cool out them. My brother makes these really cool benches out of them. I have had them for several months and when I was working on my great niece’s bedroom (which I will post pictures of that hopefully next week) I was trying to think of how I could put a small desk in there, well I figured that if my brother could make benches out of the old baby cribs then I could make a desk out of them. I know that these are unique as they are solid and you can find them. And does it have to be this same style? No.

DSCN2146 (480x640)I made a box out of scrap that had been used as a cement form. It was brought into the shop by Wally and he gave it to me well and I made use of it. The desk is made from practically all use wood and that is the beauty of this type of project.

This is before the primer and the lid, front door and hardware have been put on it. We will put a front door on it so the inside can be used for storage of papers and junk that is usually collected by many of us. The legs are made from a 2×4 that was also used as a cement form, cutting it into a nice shape to go with the crib, a little sanding and there are two legs.DSCN2157 (640x480)

This is a picture of it with the door and the desk top on it now. That makes it look more like a desk, and between the top of the desk and the top of the back I am going to put mirror and etch Tinkerbell in it to personalize it for my niece. I don’t have it finished yet but hopefully next weekend when I go up there to finish the mural on the last bedroom I will be able to finish it.

DSCN2165 (640x480)This is the last picture that I have for tonight Jason has been putting the pieces together like a puzzle, so I could spend time  painting the mural (and I am thankful for that) so we can finish this room next weekend hopefully. It is kind of primed right now and when we get the mirror and the finish coat of paint on it I think it will be really cool.

I will have more pictures when this if finally complete. I have another crib end and was going to make bench out of it but, this came out pretty cool and I have another idea for another desk. I am going to do another video when I make that one and I have my tools at home.

This is the finished product, well when the knob is put on the front of it and the mirror is glued in place then it will be finished. The mirror is a cheap full-length mirror from one of the local stores. I had the paper on the back peeled off then I cut it down to fit in the opening between the top rail of the crib part and the top of the desk. After fitting the mirror I cut the pink frame down to fit over the mirror. I had thought of etching the mirror with Tinkerbell to personalize it. My niece seemed happy with out the etching so I left it plain. I have one more crib part like this one left and I have t few ideas for another desk

DSCN2175 (480x640)

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