DIY Signs for Your Home’s Interior Hallways


Want to have the look of a small European town, but inside your home hallway? This tutorial for making your own hallway signs will give a quaint feel to your home, and label the rooms for guests. What a simple and fun DIY project for a Saturday or a Monday morning. The supplies are cheap and easy to find: 3 plant brackets, 3 plaques and finally 3 cup hooks for the sign hardware. Then simply buy some vinyl lettering or try hand painting if you like. Stencils would also work well.

A guaranteed smile when walking down your new-look hallway; all from a few dollars and a flair for the old-world. Here are some more hallways sign pictures for variation.

hallway signs for bath

DIY hallway signs

more hallway signs

Make Your Own Hallway Signs from Cottage Charm

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