How to Build a DIY Backyard Movie Screen

DIY Backyard Movie Screen

Spring is here and warmer weather means pleasant evenings outside with your DIY lanterns and your private movie screening backyard. Movie night outside is a memory-making moment you will want to share with family, friends and especially children. It is magical. You can invite neighbors and make a big evening of watching movies. All you need is a projector and a movie screen. While I can’t help you make a projector, I can help you find what you need to build a DIY movie screen for your yard.

What you need to make your backyard movie screen:

  • 2 Sheets – They should be white and queen size sheets work best
  • Pole for top  of screen – 10 feet long and 1.5 inches in diameter
  • Pole for bottom of screen – Also 10 feet long and a bit bigger in diameter at 3 inches
  • Rope – Get 2 thicknesses of rope, one for the top and one for the bottom of the movie screen

How to make your DIY movie screen:

  1. Sew your white, queen-size sheets together using a white thread along the longer side. It will now form a tube shape.
  2. Take the 1.5 inch diameter wood pool and insert it so the sewn sheets hang down from.
  3. Attach a length of the thicker rope to each end of the pole so it can be hung from a tree.
    Now that your movie screen is hanging from the pole attached to a tree you can slide the heavier, thicker pole as a weight at the bottom of the screen.
  4. You can attach the thinner piece of rope to each end of the pole at the bottom and then tie to tent stakes or wooden stakes to keep the screen taught and make sure winds or summer breezes don’t distort the screen.

DIY Backyard Movie Screen

Thanks to Pottery Barn for the details on a backyard screen . Be sure to save me a front row cushion or lawn chair. I love the silver screen, as long as it doesn’t come with mosquitoes. But good news, I also found a safe, homemade mosquito repellent to protect you on those outdoor movie nights at home.

Take Your Family Out to the Movies, At Home!

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