How to Boost a WiFi Signal with a Soda or Beer Can!


Even though the photo instructions for boosting you WiFi signal with a can are fairly clear, let me add some textual tips as well. You will need a beer can or a soda can, both work equally as well. And if you are underage, a soda can may be easier to find. The steps for this DIY project are easy.

  1. Wash out the can and remove the pull tab.
  2. Use a utility knife and cut off the bottom of the can.
  3. Cut through most of the top of the can, but leave about 1-inch that you don’t cut through.
  4. Attach some adhesive putting to the top of the can to hold it onto the wireless router and place over the antenna.
  5. Enjoy your extended WiFi created by a simple DIY hack.

Boost Your Wifi Signal with a Can Today

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    Yeah cause every one has all of this in their house