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hot cocoa pancakes recipe

Hot Chocolate Pancakes Recipe to Live For!

Get ready for something very different and very delicious. The secret to these pancakes is the French vanilla yogurt. It makes these chocolate pancakes something different than you have ever … Read More


Wine Rack as a Towel Holder

Try using and extra or old wine rack as a clean towel organizer in your bath room. Repurpose a wine rack.  

Creative Rope Divider Wall

What a great idea for a divider wall. It defines the space yet doesn’t block light and creates a very modern and rustic feel at the same time. I found … Read More


DIY Corks with Thread Spools

A super idea from A Beautiful Mess. Wine and sewing go together like most things with wine. Well, what I mean to say is a little wine drank responsibly goes … Read More


Stick-on Storage for Cabinet Doors

 Use the back of your cabinet doors with small sticky back storage containers. Double-sided tapes works great with small plastic bins.