40 Unique DIY Planters For Home & Garden

40 unique diy planters home garden

Did you know that plants help purify the air and that caring for them can make you happier? Air plants and succulents are great for adding plants to your home. They require minimal care and look great. They can be planted inside of just about anything that can hold them. Here are 40 of the best DIY planters you can easily make!

1. Coffee Pot Planters

Coffee and tea pots can be turned into the most adorable terrariums. Put them on a window sill or in your coffee nook.

40 DIY Planters

The Whoot

2. Upcycled Bread Pan

Your old rusty bread tins can be turned into a shabby planter with just a little bit of paint.

40 DIY Planters

My Crafty Spot

3. Wine Bottle Succulents

Cut open a wine bottle to create these planters perfect for indoor or outdoor decorating. Here’s a quick how-to on cutting wine bottles for all your DIY projects: Instructables

40 DIY Planters

Bored Art

4. Beachy Shell Planter

Glue some seashells onto a plain terra cotta pot for this simple and beachy look.

40 DIY Planters


5. Gumball Terrarium

Use colorful rocks to create this retro gumball machine terrarium.

40 DIY Planters

The Whoot

6. Pallet Plants

Re-purpose an old pallet to make an outdoor stacked herb garden.

40 DIY Planters

DIY Show Off

7. Outdoor Crate

If you’re looking to build something bigger than your average planter, get your tools and some wood to craft this giant crate planter. Perfect for your patio, front porch, or in your front walkway.

Cherished Bliss

8. Topsy Turvy Flowers

This clever little trick will make your plants look like they are a tower that is about to fall over!

40 DIY Planters

We Heart This

9. Recycled Bottle Planters

Paint empty bottles and thread some yarn through the top to make these simple hanging planters.

40 DIY Planters

Hello Glow

10. Repurposed Drawers

Fill old drawers with soil for a super quick super easy mini garden. Stack them for an even better effect.

40 DIY Planters

The Budget Decorator

11. Milk Can Planter

Paint an old milk can and add a ribbon to create a cute little planter.

40 DIY Planters

Peppermint Creative

12. Succulent Bookends

You can create these clever little planters with just a pencil holder, some glue, and a corkboard.

40 DIY Planters


13. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Make a mini herb garden with a rack and a few mason jars.

40 DIY Planters

Consumer Crafts

14. Magnetic Air Plant Terrarium

Take those extra mason jar lids and create these tiny magnetic terrariums

40 DIY Planters


15. Clothespin Herb Planter

No one will believe these beautiful planters are made out of clothespins and tuna cans.

40 DIY Planters

7th House on the Left

16. Log Garden

This log hack turns an old fallen log into an awesome mini garden!

40 DIY Planters

A Proverbs 31 Wife

17. Plastic Animal Planters

Turn kids toys into stylish planters perfect for the kitchen or a book shelf.

40 DIY Planters


18. Recycled Bulb Terrarium

Don’t throw out burnt out bulbs, turn them into terrariums instead!

40 DIY Planters


19. Nail Polish Pots

Create stunning abstract art on your plain terra cotta pots by dipping them in some nail polish.

40 DIY Planters

Hello Glow

20. Easy Kitchen Planters

A few toothpicks and a glass cup or jar is all it takes to start regrowing leftover veggies and do something good for the environment.

40 DIY Planters

The Whoot

21. Metallic Pots

A simple pot and some metallic spray paint is all you need to create these classy planters.

40 DIY Planters


22. Rainbow Pour Planters

Pour acrylic paint onto a plain pot and let it drip down to make these colorful rainbow planters.

40 DIY Planters

Dilly-Dali Art

23. Golden Dinosaur Planter

Some old toys and a little paint turn these prehistoric creatures into modern art.

40 DIY Planters


24. Sand Art Terrarium

Layer sand to make neat designs under your mini terrarium.

40 DIY Planters

Honestly Wtf

25. Mini Seashell Pots

Seashells can be filled with soil and turned into mini succulent pots. They can also be used with small air plants for a more tentacle-inspired look.

40 DIY Planters

Crazy Patterns

26. Wheelbarrow Planters

Create a small outdoor garden by filling an old rusty wheelbarrow with soil and your favorite flowers.

40 DIY Planters


27. Easy Milk Jug Pots

Save old milk jugs to make these incredibly simple planters. Use it for a small herb garden or to help get seeds started before you transplant them to bigger pots.

40 DIY Planters

Garden Gate Notes

28. Bonsai Books

Turn a book into a clever home for a tiny bonsai tree.

40 DIY Planters


29. Marbled Planters

Quick little trick to turn old cans into beautiful marble-looking planters.

40 DIY Planters


30. Ice Cream Cone Starter Planter

Plant seedlings into an ice cream cone for a degradable planter you can put in the ground after the seeds have started to sprout.

40 DIY Planters

Country Living

31. Troll Doll Planters

Cut off the tops of the doll’s heads to make these creepy, yet kind of cute planters.

40 DIY Planters

The Whoot

32. Plastic Bottle Cat Planter

Recycle an empty bottle and turn it into a super cute cat planter.

40 DIY Planters

Destination Femme

33. Toy Truck Planters

An old toy dump truck can be turned into a miniature garden.

40 DIY Planters


34. Pastel Flower Vases

Pour acrylic paint into a clean bottle to make these easy and beautiful vases.

40 DIY Planters

The Sits Girls

35. Cinderblock Planter

This little planter could make a great indoor or outdoor planter. Add some paint for a nice splash of color.

40 DIY Planters

A Kailo Chic Life

36. 55-Gallon Planter

This is one big planter. If you need a place to plant a portable tree, this giant planter is the perfect project.

40 DIY Planters

DIY Everywhere

37. Pebble Planter

Cover a bucket in grout and pebbles to make this professional looking planter.

40 DIY Planters


38. Cement Pots

Use buckets or bowls or jars to create these simple cement planters.

40 DIY Planters


39. Succulent Planter

A chicken feeder can be turned into this planter that looks like it’s out of this world.

40 DIY Planters

My Creative Days

40. Plastic Bottle Planter

No one will ever guess that these beautiful planters are made from a bottle and a CD.

40 DIY Planters

Best of DIY Ideas

Do you have other suggestions for some incredibly creative DIY planters? Please mention them in the comments.

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